Did you know Jake Owen’s real name is Josh.. Yea, me neither… When he was getting in the biz they told he might want to change his name because of Josh Turner and Josh Gracin… but the real question is… Did you know this hottie tottie with a naughty body is single???? hmmmm

Jake aka Josh is being featured in the February issue of Nashville Lifestyle’s Magazine AS sexy, smart, and single… Check out the cover…


In the article, he describes his ideal woman as “kind, understanding, and fun”.

In the magazine you will find a list of the most eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes in Music City.






If you can’t find Dierks Bentley new CD, Feel That Fire, in stores, no worries… you probably just need to look harder.

His new CD is environmentally friendly.  On his website he says, “Not only is it made from 100 % recycled material, it also sets this album apart from my previous three.”

He does have a point.  Feel That Fire will be in stores next Tuesday BUT you can preview the whole entire album on his myspace

Pretty cool Dierks!



“I got washed under a tree in the bayou by my home.  My lungs were on fire as I came out of the water and, when I did, I was looking right into the face of a venomous water moccasin.  A friend grabbed the snake by its tail and flung it away from me!”

-Clint Black tells Country Weekly about how at the age of nine his friend saved his life.


“We may just sit quietly home with the family, order pizza and watch football for a while and go to bed.”

-Troy Gentry of Montgomery Genry says about why he is just staying low key for the Super Bowl since his Tennessee Titans lost


“It feels so good to just talk and be myself without hype orr pomp and circumstance of modern music.”

-Jewel wrote on her website on why she is loving being on an acoustic tour



Taylor Swift is going on her first headlining tour and the dates were just announced…..

  • February 10   San Antonio, Texas
  • March 1         Plant City, Florida
  • March 2         Houston, Texas
  • April 23         Evansville, Indiana
  • April 24         Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • April 25         St. Louis, Missouri
  • April 30         Charleston, South Carolina
  • May 1            Jacksonville, Florida
  • May 2            Biloxi, Mississippi
  • May 14          Spokane, Washington
  • May 15          Seattle, Washington
  • May 16          Portland, Oregon
  • May 17          Yakima, Washington
  • May 21          Phoenix, Arizona
  • May 22          Los Angeles, California
  • May 23          Las Vegas, Nevada
  • May 24          San Diego, California
  • May 26          Salt Lake City, Utah
  • June 4           Enterprise, Alabama
  • June 11         Baltimore, Maryland
  • June 12         Greensboro, North Carolina
  • June 24         Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • June 25         Caddott, Wisconsin
  • July 8            Calgary, Alberta
  • July 10          Craven, Saskatchewan
  • July 11          Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • July 16          Twin Lakes, Wisconsin
  • July 17           Columbus, Ohio
  • July 18           Charleston, West Virginia
  • July 23           Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • July 24           Rapid City, South Dakota
  • July 25           Minot, North Dakota
  • August 7&9    Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
  • August 27      New York, New York
  • August 28      Uncasville, Connecticut
  • August 29      University Park, Pennsylvania
  • August 30      Louisville, Kentucky
  • September 4  Greenville, South Carolina
  • September 5  Charlotte, North Carolina
  • September 10 Lafayette, Louisiana
  • September 11 Bossier City, Louisiana
  • September 12 Birmingham, Alabama
  • September 25 Dallas, Texas
  • September 26 Little Rock, Arkansas
  • September 27 Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • October 1        Cleveland, Ohio
  • October 2        Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • October 3        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • October 8        Indianapolis, Indiana
  • October 9        Chicago, Illinois
  • October 10      Minneapolis, Minnesota


Yes Yes Yes… She IS coming to Las Vegas baby!!!!!

Oh and I don’t know if you remember this but Kellie Pickler is opening for her.

Like I said before…. THIS IS AWESOME BABY!!!!


Poor Jess… She just can’t win.  She’s had a tough week with everyone giving her crap about wearing this at a recent concert.


NOW….SpeedFit Company is suing Jessica Simpson for 10 million dollars over a contractual obligation she had for a fitness video she did for the company in 2005.

First of all, Jessica and her dad, Joe, aka her manager, did get paid a million for the video…. but the video was never released because Joe wanted Jess’ trainer, Mike Alexander, in the video.  SO, just to throw this out there at the time Joe was Mike’s agent…..

SpeedFit Company did NOT want Mike in the video so Joe and Jess never gave final approval for the video….which in turn, the fitness video never got released.

So now… the owners of this company are suing mad…


I love me some Lady A…. They were on “The Jay Leno Show” last week and I found a video of them behind the scenes BEFORE and AFTER they go on…

It’s great… check it out!


Key West residents watch out baby cause Kenny Chesney’s coming to town…. FOR GOOD…

According to the Key West Keynoter, Monroe County records show that a house located just off of Duval Street was purchased by a company called Falcon 200…which is presumed on Kenny’s behalf… because, well, Kenny’s jet is a falcon 200…hmmmmmmmmmm… AND there was a UPS package in the mailbox… addressed to the name of Kenny Chesney.

Check out this pimp house…